Legal Research and Writing

How I work

We work for you as a contractor, no employment agreements or new staff training required. We know the job, we just learn about your business and determine how we can work best for your specific needs.

We work remotely, therefore no office space needed, however it is important to me to visit my clients on a regular basis to keep our connection, to allow us to keep our vision and goals fresh!

After our initial consultation, we determine the next right action for you and we determine how to structure your fees (hourly, weekly or monthly)

Working with your Accountant is very important to me - between your Accountant and BeBalanced, we are your ultimate support team! We really enjoy working with them to give you the best efficiencies of fees and time.



  • Bank Statements

  • GST (review and / or filing)

  • Bank Reconciliation

  • Invoicing for clients

  • Payments

  • Receipting of payments

  • PAYE + Wages calculations

  • Payments of PAYE + Wages

  • Kiwisaver

  • 'Accounts' email monitoring

  • Monthly statements for Creditors and Debtors

  • Filing of paperwork digitally

  • Liasing with your Accountant

  • Liasing with IRD

Professional Growth


Hourly Charges

Bookkeeping (daily accounts functions)

We charge $65+gst for our services which is invoiced based on the total hours worked.

Accounting Options

We can provide end of year accounting function and other accounting tasks at a higher level for $150/hr + gst

Fixed Fee Options

We can discuss a fixed fee option should you need to have some fixed costs to keep cashflow more predictable.