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I've been an employee all my working life - and I was a great employee! I was engaged, social, analytical, loyal and when it was time for me to move on, I was always asked to stay, so this got me thinking - if I'm so good at working for others, why can't I be good at working for myself? that then evolved into the thoughts of how working for myself would give me the chance to dictate my work load and hours to suit my family... 

In 2009 I was asked to do a behavioural profiling test, where the result came that the best career that suited my god given talents I was born with, was to be an Accountant - at the time, I did nothing about it and carried on with life.  Then in 2014, as I reflected on the time I was sitting in an office (40 hours per week) while my daughter was growing every day, I decided to study part time and see where it took me, I had nothing to lose.  I then obtained my Diploma in Accounting in 2017, so with the support of my partner Shaun - my career path took a turn, I took a risk, I finished working full time and started utilising what I had learnt to start a business - and it was the best decision I have ever made.

  • Dip. Acc (Diploma in Accounting NZ) - The NZ Open Polytechnic   

While working full time, I studied part time at The NZ Open Polytechnic and obtained my Diploma in Accounting

While launching and growing my new business, I obtained a Certificate in Bookkeeping NZ online through The Career Academy

  • Cert. Bookkeeping (Certificate in Bookkeeping NZ) - The Career Academy